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DMU Couplings.

Updated: 28 March 2007


Whilst converting my DMU Gordon Hopkins was demonstrating his class 508 emu at MERG. he kindly supplied two sets of his pcb multipole couplings to help with running the electrics through the train.

These provide 7 wires through the coupling and hold just by the friction of the 7 pins in their sockets. This has proved to be perfectly satisfactory in operation and gives effectively a rigid bar coupling.
These pins provide: Left and Right rail busbars, Lighting positive, headcode, tail light and interior lights and one spare wire.


The photos show various views of the installation, orientation is F-M, F-M on the 3 car set so it can be assembled as a 2 car set if required. Pickups are from all wheels of the powered car and from the two wheels of one bogie on each side on each trailer, so 8 wheels each side in total.  Click on the image to enlarge.

Sie view 1

Side view 2

Bottom view un-coupled

bottom view coupled

Male end

Female end

Car ends

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