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Class 50 conversion.

Created: 28 February 2004

And here's the real thing: click on the picture to enlarge.


Motorised Fan for D404

Class 50 motorised fan, image 2

The pictures left and below show my installation of a motorised fan in a Hornby class 50. The motor and gears come from a CD player sold for just such uses on a stand at a Model Railway exhibition. The original Hornby fan is used and fan and motor mounted to a simple plasticard frame which is a direct replacement for the Hornby original. Power comes from an auxiliary output of the DIY decoder built from a MERG kit. Click on the left hand photo to enlarge, it could be crisper but you should be able to make it out.

Class 50m fan motor image 1
chassis block mod.
After fitting the scale diameter wheels the ride height is increased, to lower it back to the correct buffer height it's neccessary to file material from the bogie bearing area on the bottom of the chassis. This is the rectangular area shown on these two photos where the filing has removed the black paint. The area should be left a little under half a mm proud of the main chassis surace.
chassis block mod.

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