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Grovenor Sidings, Hornby LMS bogies.

October 2006

Having been looking for a reasonable Mainline/Bachmann Stanier full brake without success for some time I decided to add the new Hornby version to my Parcels stock.
These pics show the work needed to put the brake shoes in line with the P4 wheels.

LMS 9' Bogies

The idea here is mainly to let the photos do most of the work so I'll just put notes in here where it seems useful. Clicking on any photo will bring up a bigger version. 

Picture 1 shows the bogie seperated into its two components and with P4 wheelsets fitted to the frame. The brake shoes and bolster plank are moulded onto a thin plate fitted under the bogie frame with a couple of locating pegs. A thin knife blade worked in between the two parts will free off the brake shoe plate.

Pictures 2 and 3 show the brake shoe plate cut into 5 pieces ready for re-assembly. The centre section with the bolster plank goes back onto the locating pegs. The 4 brake shoe holders can then be superglued in place to line up with the wheels. If a rod is required between each pair of shoes drill holes in the brake shoe pivots and thread in the wires before glueing the shoes in place.

Picture 4 shows the completed assembly.

dismantled bogie1
butchered bogie2
butchered bogie3
Re-assembled bogie4.

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