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Mixed Gauge Track

This page hosts some pictures of mixed gauge track seen in Gladstone and Peterborough, South Australia in the 1970s.

Click on the small pictures for a bigger view.

Gladstone Yard.

Gladstone general view

This view shows a selection of mixed guage pointwork in Gladstone. At this period both Gladstone and Peterborough had tracks of 3 gauges with a wide selection of mixed gauge pointwork. The gauges being 5'3" (BG), 4'8.5" (SG) and 3'6" (NG).

Triple gauge turnout
A 'full monte' triple gauge turnout.
(NB It would be 4 gauge if there was any 6'5.5" gauge stock to run on it!)
NG in centre, SG offset left, BG offset right.
A more conventional two gauge turnout, Ng and BG. Two gauge turnout
Single point turnout for BG only with NG only on turnout track. Use of fixed point on left removes risk of derailing NG train when BG set for straight as shown. A similar single point BG turnout but this time with an SG track in the straight route. Note that in both these cases a train on the narrower gauge running through with points set as shown will have a frog polarity problem in a model. Seperator
A fixed point centraliser to bring NG vehicles into a concentric position in BG track. (used to line up the end doors in sheep wagons for transfer and to get the right clearance at the loading ramp seen in the background). This time two fixed points to make the SG change sides in BG/SG track. Changer
Livestock truck on triple gauge
Here a livestock wagon on SG bogies sits on 4 rail track. The effect at the turntable which has 6 rail concentric track, lined up here with the SG approach, a BG/NG approach track on the right. Turntable
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