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Signals - plug in

To provide for demountable colour light signals I have produced a plug and socket arrangement as shown below.

The signals are built from Eckon kits with the original aluminium masts replaced by brass tube so it could be extended through the baseboard and soldered to the stripboard used for a plug.

Plug pins are made from 0.9mm brass wire as sold by Alan Gibson, sockets are Rapid Electronics part no.22-1125.  The 1k ohm resistors needed for the signal LEDs can be fitted to the socket if desired. The socket boards are screwed to the underside of the baseboards.

Following photos show the arrangement.

Signal installed on layout
Signal installed on layout.

Under-board view
Under the board, the stripboard socket is sandwiched between the chipboard block and the baseboard.

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Last revised: August 18 2008