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BR Standard Brake Vans.

Updated: 13 December 2003

This page shows the new Bachmann Branch Lines Brake Van

bach1.jpg (48583 bytes)

bach2.jpg (111576 bytes)

The vans look very nice, P4 wheels clip straight in if you can manage without compensation or springing.

On this grey example the number has broken up a bit owing to the rather deep grooves between the planks.

The doors are glazed in this example with only two panes which restricts it to lots 2136 and 2137, subsequent lots had 4 pane windows in the doors. On the other hand the handrails are the later pattern introduced with lot 2206.

This example is numbered B951480 which came from lot 2207 in 1951 hence the handrails are correct and the door windows wrong.

It would appear that Bachmann have been listening to the KD users who think that UK 00 stock should have its couplers at the same height as US H0 stock. Consequently the NEM pocket on this brake van is 2mm lower than those on the PO and Mineral wagons. Hence fitting NEM style KDs to this van results in a low coupler that does not match the same arrangement on the wagons. See lower photo.


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