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Grovenor Sidings, the layout.

Edited 11/6/10

Grovenor sidings represents a mythical piece of the BR London Midland Region somewhere to the East of Manchester,  ex Midland territory with through trains from the Eastern Region across the Pennines. The line runs through difficult territory with steep grades and tunnels, represented is a section of double track main line with passing loops, a locomotive depot, a moderate size terminal station and a branch leading to some storage sidings. These sidings were built in 1968 and used briefly before being stored for almost 20 years whilst I worked overseas, hence the name. The rest of the layout has been built up slowly over the past 10 years  and is still far from complete.

Below are a selection of photos giving some idea of the topography of Grovenor Sidings. For my locos pulling power is paramount.

Here is a video of a train climbing out of Grovenor tunnel past the station junction.

Followed by a heavy freight needing a banker.
Pic00001s.jpg (6871 bytes)
DMU on storage sidings branch, Cl25 on main line.
Pic00003s.jpg (5733 bytes)
Roof tops of train running down behind the station while DMU waits on the branch.
Pic00002s.jpg (9669 bytes)
DMU on storage sidings branch, Cl25 on main line, again.
Pic00004s.jpg (10281 bytes)
Train running down the main behind the station.
Pic00005s.jpg (17329 bytes)
The terminal station.
Pic00008s.jpg (9273 bytes)
Looking out to the main line passing loops from one of the tunnels.
Pic00012s.jpg (10035 bytes)
Loco depot entrance from main line on the right.
Pic00009s.jpg (11692 bytes)
Loco depot from the station.

Station junction tunnel mouth.
Pic00006s.jpg (8675 bytes)

Station junction from above tunnel mouth, sidings branch on the left.
Pic00013s.jpg (9821 bytes)
Storage sidings loco facilities.

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