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Class 3FT "Jinty".

Updated: 24 August 2014

I did not write up the P4 conversion of the Bachmann Jinty but did take a few pictures, posted here by request.
jinty wheelset

The prepared wheelset, Alan Gibson wheels fitted with the original Bachmann gear, spacing washers on the end axles only, Bill Bedford coupling rods as used in his 4F chassis kit.

Jinty chassis

Chassis shown with lead sideframes attached, fixed with screwws, I drill and tap the main frame at a convenient place. Note that the axle apertures are cut oversize so that the original bearings are used.  The lead frames are cut from a roll of lead flashing 2 mm thick.

The following picture shows the effect on the overall frame thickness.

chassis width

and the underside

chassis underside

These pictures show the mods to the keeper plate, brake rods, pickups. The supports for the brake rods had to be cut and packed out with plasticard (the white bits) so the brake pull rods cleared the wheels, the pickups needed new pcb mounts so they could be soldered in place widened out to contact the wheels and miss the sideframes which are slotted to accomodate the pick ups. The plastic brake pull rods looked poor, however, and I have sinced replaced them with brass ones.

keeper 1

keeper 2

keeper 3

keeper 4

Pictures of the assembled loco

47410-left hand side

47410 right hand side

47410 looking up to show chassis

47410 underside

This last view shows a brake rod dislodged under the cab, she'll have to go on the repair line!

The Jinty can be seen performing in these videos:


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