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Masokits RTR springing units.

Masokits RTR Springing Units - Keith Norgrove

Mike Clark introduced these units at Scaleforum 2004. The picture sequence following shows my first attempt at assembling these. Click on the pictures for larger versions.


The frets as supplied, the pack also contains 8 bearings and a short length of wire to peg the spacer bar to the spring units.  

First assembly

The parts assembled, no problems getting this far, just follow the clear instructions. For the stainless steel springs I used Fry's Powerflow flux (in the yellow tub) it does the job well.

fret assembly


Again follow the instructions, file the rectangular openings till the spring units just fit, just over 23mm between inside faces. Then ensure the insides of the W irons are smooth and parallel. The calipers help here.


standard axle

Now the instructions suggest that you 'may' have to round off the pinpoints slightly. These pictures show that a standard 26mm axle splays the bearing carriers out to a little over 24mm and no way will it fit into the chassis.

standard axle

 I found it difficult to grind a new point central on the axle end so ended up with a distinct wobble. For the second attempt I cut a piece out of the axle so that the joint came in one of the wheel bearing sleeves. This technique was easier and fully successful. Using an Exactoscale wheelset with its narrower wheels I reduced the axle length to 25mm by grinding off one end and making a new point using a dremel cutting disc. (See left). An alternative is  to use the Exactoscale 2 mm OD parallel bearings. 

short axle


With the short axles the spring unit assembles nicely into the chassis.

assembly top

body on

And the body can be replaced. The chassis to body screw fixings are lost in the process so a new mounting will be needed.

body on 2

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